Welcome to the combined Webpages of the Down Syndrome Resource Center (DSRC) and Down Syndrome Aim High (Aim High)

The DSRC and Aim High are two organizations in the Capital Region of New York State (Albany, NY) working closely together to provide services and support to people with Down syndrome and their families

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The Down Syndrome Resource Center is a not-for-profit organization with two full-time coordinators and a volunteer Board of Directors. The DSRC provides services to people with Down syndrome, their families, and professionals involved in their care.  To find out more about the DSRC click on DSRC

Down Syndrome Aim High is a not-for-profit support and interest group for people with Down syndrome in the Capital Region. Aim High has a volunteer Board of Directors and a membership. To find out more about Aim High click on Aim High

Contact Information DSRC: 
7 Southwoods Boulevard 4th Floor
Corporate Woods, Albany, NY  12211
Phone: (518) 641-6700 
E-mail:  info@downsyndromeresourcecenter.org

Contact Information Aim High: 
P.O. Box 12-624, Albany, NY  12212
Phone (voice mail): (518) 448-6687

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